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"La Françafrique, c’est comme un iceberg. Vous avez la face du dessus, la partie émergée de l’iceberg : la France meilleure amie de l’Afrique, patrie des droits de l’homme, etc. Et puis ensuite, vous avez 90% de la relation qui est immergée : l’ensemble des mécanismes de maintien de la domination française en Afrique avec des alliés africains…"

François-Xavier Verschave

Pour en savoir plus sur la Françafrique...

Violation of Human Rights in Djibouti, international vigilance is getting organized

Djibouti - ARDHD, LDDH, Survie - 13 January 2016

The international vigilance is getting organized towards the judicial decision that will be pronouncedJanuary 17, 2016 in the trial against Mr. Omar Ali Ewado, President of the Djiboutian League of Human Rights, arrested, imprisoned and held incommunicado for publishing the list of names of the dead, missing and injured in the police massacre (...)

Burkina Faso : Head of state Blaise Campaoré invited to the Elysée

Burkina Faso - Survie - 17 November 2008

A host of civic associations and indignant Parisians condemn Nicolas Sarkozy’s preferred treatment for African dictators. We will act up on the symbolic Eifel Tower Square to protest the Elyséen mantel extended to the 21 year old dictatorship of Blaise Campaoré. Demonstration call up for November 17, 2008 6 PM on the Trocadero square of Human (...)

The battle against global pirate banking has just begun

Report from the French Platform “Paradis Fiscaux et Judiciaires” which investigates Tax Shelters and Tax Evasion: The battle against global pirate banking has just begun After the October 21conference of the OECD on tax shelters NGOs welcome the strong political commitment to end tax haven abuses and demand concrete measures. The NGO members of (...)

Angolagate: Political pressures to protect French Economic interests must not obstruct justice

Angola - Survie - 6 October 2008

Survie denounces the political manoeuvring surrounding the opening of the Angolagate trial whose only objective can be to bury this affair. For Survie justice and legality override the economic ambitions in Angola of any French business enterprise whatsoever. Angolagate-one of the biggest presumed arms traffics to have taken place in Angola (...)

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