English brochure Survie 2008

Published on 3 November 2008

Welcome to the English version of, the site of the only independent and militant association of citizens in France which has been monitoring and exposing the murky circuits of public development aid between France and her former African colonies since over 20 years. The French political and military fiasco in Rwanda 1994 revealed to all of us the horrific and morally degrading consequences of presidential, individualistic diplomacy buttressed by unchecked, military interventionism. Since then our critical examination of what passes for African foreign policy in our country has led us to challenge the Françafrique mindset among our government officials and their way of operating in Africa. We want our national assembly to formulate legislation to put an end to the scandalous presidential monopoly over French-African affairs that persists in France since the heyday of de Gaulle.

Choose from SURVIE’s short brochure or extended PDF description to understand the crucial issues facing France in Africa particularly in those African states still subject to Francophone language barriers and monetary impositions like the use of the franc CFA. Read about us and talk about us to your African friends!