Survie’s activities

Published on 9 September 2008

 Survie organises campaigns to lobby French citizens and politicians, such as the "France’s dictator friends!?" campaign against France’s support for dictatorships in Africa or the Citizen Enquiry Commission (CEC) into France’s role in the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda.

 Survie organises colloquiums and conferences in order to provoke debate. For example, since 1994 Survie has organised counter-summits at the same time as the official Africa-France Summits. In 2005, Survie participated in the Alternative Citizen Summit held in Bamako.

 Survie publishes books and reviews in order to disseminate information, in particular through the monthly review Billets d’Afrique et d’ailleurs, the collection of Dossiers noirs on French policy in Africa and the reference works which summarise all the documentation and research, such as La Françafrique (Stock, 1999), Noir silence (les Arènes, 2001), Négrophobie ("Negrophobia", les Arènes, 2005), On peut changer le monde ("We can change the world", La Découverrte, 2003), etc.