October 17-18, 2008. Announcing the Citizen summit on migrations in Paris

Publié le 17 octobre 2008

Get up, Stand up and Mobilise !

The subject of migrations is going to be one of the big issues of the European Union presided by France during the second semester of 2008. On October 13 and 14 the council of ministers of the EU will be meeting in Paris to adopt the “European pact on immigration and asylum.”

On October 20 and 21 the second EU conference of African and European ministers will also be taking place in Paris to discuss the theme of migration and development which was already broached during the first 2006 round of talks in Rabat.

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More than 300 civic associations are calling for a large mobilisation in Paris, on October 17-18 for a new approach to immigration and mutually hospitable relationships between the European Union, Africa and the rest of the world.

We firmly oppose the adoption of the so called immigration and asylum pact and the accompanying repressive directives which France will be proposing for adoption to her European partners at the two day October conference on the 13th and 14th. It is high time for treating immigration, migration and economic development between native, transit and host countries on the basis of mutual interests, shared needs and reciprocity.

The actual regulatory treatment of incoming and outgoing persons from another country has reached Orwellian dimensions throughout Europe on the conceptual level as well as in administrative policing to the point that ordinary citizens no longer can be sure of their own constitutional rights when it comes to forming friendships or business relationships with non-nationals outside the EU.

Sarkosy’s proposals for “selective immigration” and “concerted management of migratory flux” will not resolve the worldwide need for people to move, to mingle and to improve their livelihoods ! Our second non-governmental conference between Africans and Europeans on October 17 and 18 will be making counter proposals to the EU immigration pact. We are calling for an end to the embarrassing and costly fortification policies, the arbitrary expulsions of non-citizens, the shameful detention centres and the enforced separation of employed persons from their families.

Our gathering will end with a giant concert to carry our message.

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October 17, 2008 : Second non-governmental Euro-African conference on migrations. From 9h to 17 h at the Palais des Congres, Paris-Est Montreuil

October 18, 2008 : March and concert “Bridges but not walls”

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