Violation of Human Rights in Djibouti, international vigilance is getting organized

Call for international bodies’ presence at the judicial hearing on 17 January

Published on 13 January 2016 - ARDHD, LDDH, Survie

The international vigilance is getting organized towards the judicial decision that will be pronouncedJanuary 17, 2016 in the trial against Mr. Omar Ali Ewado, President of the Djiboutian League of Human Rights, arrested, imprisoned and held incommunicado for publishing the list of names of the dead, missing and injured in the police massacre Buldhuqo 21 December.

While many observers are still wondering about the actual position of France and the French government for the protection of human rights in Djibouti and the respect of human rights activists and freedom of democratic expression, international NGO’s vigilance and also European and international official bodies’ is getting organized, and there is a growing convergence power for the protection of Djiboutian human rights activists about next legal deadline of January 17 at the criminal Court of Djibouti.

NGOs and associations for the protection of human rights activists are getting associated this January 12th (other NGOs will follow) to request that all the vigilance of NGOs, official bodies and government representatives present in Djibouti will be mobilized and actively asserts before and during the 17th January when judgment will be rendered by Criminal Court on the trial of M. Ali Omar Ewado, indicted for having broadcast the list of names of the dead, missing and injured during the massacre of 21 December in Buldhuqo / Balballa, according following charges ;

  • Dissemination of false information
  • Public defamation
  • Attempting to obstruct justice.

The Background

December 29 morning, Mr. Omar Ali Ewado, President of the Djiboutian League of Human Rights, passed through the filter barrier set up by the police forces of Djibouti regime encircling the French military hospital after the events of December 21st.

Mr. Omar Ewado was coming to help Secretary General of the LDDH (Djiboutian League of Human Rights) and deputy of the National Assembly, Mr Said Houssein Robleh, shot and critically wounded by police on December 21st pm (opposition leaders meeting after the massacre of Buldhuqo in the morning).

Operated on and treated by french military doctors, Mr Said Robleh was ‘pushed out’ on 29 morning after pressure on hospital by the French government representative in Djibouti. It is precisely when he was helping his General Secretary, that Mr Omar Ewado was apprehended by police of Djibouti, together with Mr Said Robleh, and they were both stripped of all After a quarter of ab hour approx. Mr. Robleh was released without refund of its phones, documents and personal belongings and was authorised to return home, while Mr. Omar Ewado r was handcuffed, taken away, imprisoned and detained incommunicado in Djibouti BRD to reasons stated above.

After a first appearance on December 31 st and the first hearing on Jan. 3 rd , 2016, without a lawyer, Omar Ewado appeared January 10 th , 2016, assisted by a local lawyer, once, - alerted by the ARDHD, Association for the Respect of Human Rights in Djibouti -, Maître Emmanuel Daoud, a member of the Legal Action Group of FIDH (Worldwide Movement For Human Rights), lawyer practicing in Paris, on the list of Councils for the International Criminal Court (ICC), renowned criminal lawyer , directly commissioned by the wife and son of Mr Ewado (as detained incommunicado he had no possibility to do it), had just sent two official letters, one to the Prosecutor to confirm that he would control the defense and another to the president of the Bar of Djibouti, to ask him what decisions it intended to take in this situation. (See our press release January 9)

On January 17, the court of Djibouti will pronounce judgment. Signatory NGOs and associated organizations solemnly draw the attention of the international community and specifically request to the representatives of democratic governments and the EU to send a representative at the judicial hearing on January 17, to signify their support and concern respect for human rights.documents, phones and LDDH records.

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