It is indispensable for France to create a parliamentary inquiry commission to investigate the French government’s implication in the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsi population in 1994

Published on 5 August 2008 - Survie

The National Independent Commission of Rwanda (also called the Mucyo commission) charged with the task of gathering evidence showing France’s involvement in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 published its report this Tuesday, August 5, 2008 ( The commission began its work in October 2006 and turned in its report on November 16, 2007 to head of state Paul Kagame.

Already in 1993, based on viable information which our government couldn’t have ignored, Survie alerted public opinion as to what was going to happen in Rwanda.In the days following April 6,1994 our association realized that genocide was in the making and forcefully denounced all further involvement of our country with those guilty of perpetrating these crimes.Since then Survie has been documenting what happened.

The 1998 published information report of the French parliament, L’Enquete sur la tragedie rwandaise (Inquiry into the Rwandan Tragedy) opened up all the paths possibly leading to the real truth behind France’s involvement without however following up on any of their indications. An in depth parliamentary inquiry commission (as opposed to a purely information mission without legal empowerment, translator’s note) should have been set up at that point to achieve maximum clarification. Unable to obtain such an official hearing, Survie together with other organisations set up in 2004 the Citizens Inquiry Commission (CEC). Its object was to hear witnesses and to cross examine information pertaining to France’s implication. The resulting report of the CEC, L’Horreur qui nous prend au visage-L’Etat francais et le genocide au Rwanda (The Horror staring us in the face-the French State and the genocide in Rwanda) is a significant contribution towards truth which finally must be stated.

After the publication of this new report, the Mucyo report, France can no longer continue to ignore its content. It is indispensable that its publication should lead to the opening of a parliamentary hearing in order for us to completely discover the role France played in the genocide of the Tutsi population in Rwanda.

(verbatim translation by AZ Survie September 2008)

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